Stealthy Fox Girl


Sable is a shapeshifter and as the world doesn’t consider her an actual person, she sees no reason to act like one. She makes a living shadowrunning. She can pass for human for the most part other than the tail that is still present in her human form, but she stole an old duster years ago on a job and wears that to hide it when necessary.

Her most recent acquisition is a harness that covers her like clothing (pretty stripperish though) that she can leave on whether in fox or human form. It allows her to keep her electronic and lockpick kits on her at all times.

She’s not really much in an all out fight prefering to sneak into places and leave before anyone notices anything is missing. Being dual natured makes it easier for her to pick up on magical traps and avoid problems of those types.

Her new group of friends likes to get into fights though, so she’s learning to be useful in a fight, too.

Being a fox, her expertise lies in stealthiness and biology which makes her great at stealing people’s stuff. Her photographic memory makes it easy to remember layouts. You could guess that she’s probably pretty good at appraising said stolen merchandise. She also is fluent in both English and Japanese, though she can’t read or write either.

As of right now, her shadowrunning group uses her more for guarding against rogue spirits and reconnosince (sp?). She gets fed and is saving up money to buy herself a couple of tattoos. And you know, Jason’s lodge is pretty comfy…

Now…if she could just catch that owl…


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