Black Magic Nights

You know that you're toxic...

(as told by Jason West)

Sometimes the shadows go quiet, and that doesn’t really sit well with me. Sure, I would love to be able to just stay in my apartment and experiment with new spells in my lodge, never having to worry about somebody trying to kill me, but that doesn’t exactly pay well. Sometimes you have to take the initiative and find work on your own. You listen to the news, notice trends and start looking for reasons as to why magic users are being picked off one by one. Then you get a call from your Adept friend who nearly got squashed by a two-ton robot, and suddenly you’re back in business.

So, as I said, I saw my Awakened peers winding up brutally murdered on the evening news and thought to myself, “Should’ve had invested in a Levitate spell, pal.” But, after that, I thought to myself, “There’s got to be a connection.” So I call my buddy Patrick, a Talismonger in the Lower City, and ask him if any of these blokes bought anything from him recently. Turns out one guy bought himself a heavy duty Barrier spell, so he knew something was up. Then I get a call from, Aioda, my aforementioned Adept friend, and it turns out she’s gotten intimate the back of a homicidal robot’s hand. Remember what I said about trends?

My first instinct, of course, was to track down the robot and dismantle it by means of explosions and a high cliff, but before I could make this impulse known, Aioda decides she wants to go Sherlock Holmes on this one. Since she’s the one who nearly died, I give her this one. With a map of the Big Easy on the table, a handful of safety pins and a ball of yarn, we start pinpointing where our colleagues bit the dust, where they lived and, most importantly, where they were known to make some magic.

After visiting the homes and work places of the deceased, we (and by we I mean Aioda) figured out whoever’s been marking magicians has been scoping them out from a club in the Upper City. With some sneaky surveillance from Sable, we spot some drunk rigger driving a van that always seems to be close by everyone’s favorite rampaging robot. Problem is it’s got a phony license plate and a color-changing paint job that’s a little more technical than I can wrap my head around. Fortunately, a decker we helped out a while back cut through all the bull and figured out who it really belonged to. Thanks, Dymond.

Now the fun part. How did we actually find this guy? Well, I neglected to mention that our big, bad robot had a masking spell on it, making it look like a troll. Sure wasn’t the rigger, so he’s got some magical help. Fortunately for us (in a rather morbid way), two of the dead belonged to a small initiatory group which, thanks to my portion of the investigation, I had the capacity to contact. They were terribly suspicious, mind you, but Roger, the leader of the group, was a pretty straight guy and agreed to team up with us to take this guy down after we presented the facts to him. After some ritual sorcery on the group’s part, they found out the robot was being kept at the docks.

So, Sable, Aioda and I meet up with the initiatory group at the docks, ready to right wrongs and kick ass. Sure enough, the robot was there aboard an old, rusty ship, but it wasn’t alone, and we were not expecting the company it kept – a toxic spirit. Now, I’m pretty good at the whole sorcery thing, but ask me to so much as ask Casper the Friendly Ghost to tell me the time and you’re going to be disappointed. Conjuring just isn’t my thing. Fortunately, and incredibly surprisingly, Sable, who we’ve never labeled our hard hitter, walks right up to the now materialized toxic spirit – in human form, no less – and punches the thing square in the face. Good fight, good night!

What about the robot, you might ask? Well, I can fly without much effort, so I’m about 10 meters in the air and Aioda’s once again face to face with this metal monstrosity. She takes a fuel pump, douses the area between her and the robot and sets it ablaze. It doesn’t stop the robot, but it slows down a few nasty vermin that had decided to join the fight. This is where we found out that my trusty Bind spell is particularly effective against lumbering robots. With a flick of my wrist, the raging robot became a giant tin can. The initiatory group took it from there, tearing it apart with elemental spells.

With the spirit disrupted and the robot destroyed, the ship began to pull away, which sort of gave away the rigger’s position. Since Aioda can run on water and I can fly, he didn’t get too far before Aioda jumped through the ship’s window (it’s just what she does) and I cracked the code on the door. By the time I was inside, however, Aioda had taken care of business by way of a sword through the rigger’s heart. Good riddance. After helping ourselves to the deceased rigger’s belongings, we parted ways with Roger and his group and left the fire department and coast guard to take care of the loose ends.

I’m addicted to this job.



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