Black Magic Nights

Gone Buggy

Madness is relative.

There are some things I know.
The first is that, by most standards, I’m pretty much a nut bag.
The second is that Jason really needs a new coat.
The last is that I seriously hate some bugs.

Jason says that we need some sort of initiatory group. I know I have my magical bits and goodies but that’s about it, so I take his advice and go check out one of the names on the list Patrick gave us. It’s in a bad area of town, but it’s a soup kitchen, and the metro frowns on me wearing all my favorite sharp, shiny things, so I went out kinda bare bones.

The guy in charge was kinda skeevy, but I’m very judgmental. I helped out for a bit, then headed out. I saw one of the helpers – a real creeper – heading around back, and curiosity got me going so I followed. He knocked out a homeless dude right in the alley, the crazy fucker! I hollered, and dude turned around and I saw it.

Those sparkly eyes were undeniable – sure as heck was one of the bugs. Now, I’ve heard stories and seen the news, but never have I seen something like this in my real life. I thought I was done for so I hit my phone and speed-dialed Jason.

We had a bit of a scuffle, and somehow I tore him up. I ran like hell after that, and got some help from Sable and Jason getting out – I don’t know many times I’ve been more grateful for tech.

I called Duke on my way out and got the whole damn place burned out, like a magnifying glass on an ant hill. Unfortunately, the skeevy big baddy got away and I’m at the top of his list. It’s given me some chances (GM Note – several months later) to try out my shiny new Dikote vibroblades – it’s like having a turkey cutter – but frankly, I’d like some peace.

I’d been camping with Shiny in Jason’s lodge for a bit now, when I wasn’t killing things or trying to teach those wailing art students how to pirouette, but the other day we heard some creeping and crawling down in my apartment, and there were two half-bugs digging through my lady cabinet. I killed them but good and I think they might have seen the sun when I did, but now I’m hiding down with Warren and Cassandra in a sewer and I’ve gotta say, life’s been better.

Got some nightmares again, too, wouldn’t you know, and I’m freaked about Keenan James coming for me. He’s no joke and he’s got more on me than even Sable and Jason could know. I haven’t had a flashback in a while, and I can’t lose another day job right now. I need something real, something solid.

Stupid bugs. At least I’m good at killing them – you can call me RAID.



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