At Home in New Orleans

The Big Easy is a rough place these days if you aren’t a wage slave. Most of the old city is crumbling while the mega-corporations live comfortably in the New Development (colloquially called the Upper City thanks to the northern placement and non-stop sky-scrapers).

Voodoo sorcerers vie with Caribbean smugglers and small-time gang lords for power in the Old Wards, while more sinister forces try to claw their way out of the shadows and into the light.

Playing Info

The game is usually played Friday or Saturday evenings. I encourage players to be active on the wiki, and will reward that behavior (rewards detailed below).

Campaign Cash and Karma Minimums

  • Minimum Good Karma Earned: 75
  • Minimum Nuyen Earned: 175,000

Consult the GM for guidelines on spending this at character generation or when updating a character who has fallen behind.

Online Karma Rewards

  • Updating the Wiki: 1
  • Updating the Adventure Log after a session/encounter: 1
  • Posting your character: 1

Limit 2 Online Reward Karma per session played (or per week for the online portion).

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Black Magic Nights

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