Shamanic Order of the Burning Gecko

The Shamanic Order of the Burning Gecko is the initiatory group Aioda SiSyntax and Jason West founded in lieu of “selling their soul to somebody else,” according to Aioda. Jason coined the name as a reference to the union of his Gecko totem and Aioda’s Phoenix totem, even though the free spirit they formed a magical link with was more than likely a salamander.

As the name implies, the group was formed to only allow shamanic traditions. Jason and Aioda also took an oath to follow a set of strictures. The group’s stronghold has grown from Jason’s small lodge in their old Lexington Arms apartment to an old mechanical garage with significantly improved security and a much larger lodge. Though Emma Cromwell recently joined the Order, no additional resources have been devoted to it.

The founding members have parted ways for the most part, Aioda retiring in luxury and honorable commendations and Jason heading north to New York. The two still meet once a month, as per group strictures.

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Shamanic Order of the Burning Gecko

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