New Ant Colony

Marcus Durangel‘s new digs (somewhat literally), built next to and under a supply of fresh and available live bodies – a Novatech hospice facility willing to look the other way while he trades cash and valuables for some of their patients closest to death’s door.

Sable and Jason tracked it down with some help from their contacts, and Sable was able to use her keen sense of smell to find the colony’s emergency exit several blocks away and seal it with homemade bombs – thus ensuring Durangel wouldn’t escape this time.

After a fierce battle within the tunnels beneath the hospital, Jason, Sable, Aioda and Emma killed Durangel, thus destroying his spirits, and captured the adept sisters, Sophia and Santana Ruiz. The tunnels now house little more than flesh-form ant corpses and rubbish.

UPDATE: In their move to blunt the public relations damage from their ghoul-snatching activities and encourage the city council to turn a blind eye, Universal Omnitech has paid to have both Ant Colonies fully excavated and the ground restored to its previous condition.

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New Ant Colony

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