Lower City


This is the city of New Orleans your grandfather might’ve visited for Mardi Gras back before the Mega-Corps got fed up with the crumbling infrastructure, sub-sea level flood risks, and rampant corruption. When they built their own, new New Orleans, they took all the capital they’d invested in the Old City and yanked it right out.

The Old City didn’t die, though. It still has the Port of New Orleans, one of the CAS’s major shipping operations, and for some time it still attracted tourists to the historic French Quarter. Sure, parts of it had never recovered from the devastating hurricanes of the first quarter of the 21st century, but the city still managed to scrape by.

The Death Blow

Then 2061 rolled around, and Haley’s Comet messed everything up for the Old City. The Shedim scared away the tourists – most of whom feared that the pervasive Voodoo culture of the Old City was somehow involved with this new plague of walking dead. The Mega-Corps took immediate steps to cut off the Lower City from their wealth and their employees. They moved their Casinos from the French Quarter to the Upper City, built new elevated highways from the port directly to the Upper City, and urged the Confederated Government to crack down on Voodoo Houngans who animate the dead.

The new police persecution of Houngans could only last so long, but it drove many of them underground. Where once family members and friends might have left their bodies to a local Houngan for his use, now those Houngans were reduced to robbing cemeteries to fulfill their traditions – a practice that put them in competition with the growing population of ghouls hiding in the abandoned structures of the Lower City’s worst slums.

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