Laramie Avenue Baptist Church has spent the last 30 years rotting and abandoned in a neighborhood where most of the other structures are doing the same. A few months ago, a preacher from Chicago moved down to the Lower City, tracked down the deed holders, and bought the building. Since then, he’s been holding services under the leaky roof and doing his best to bring a little bit of peace and justice to the violent and destitute 9th Ward.

The local ghouls have long since picked through the attached graveyard, but now they come around for the preacher’s message – and for his understanding.

Aioda, Sable, and Jason helped fix some of the bigger holes in the roof and root out the rats under the floorboards in return for some help getting in touch with the ghouls.

Unfortunately, the church has returned to its former ruins after an unforgivable attack by Universal Omnitech.

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