Five Aces

Five Aces Casino Logo One of the last casinos operating in New Orleans’ French Quarter, the Five Aces is privately owned – and not afraid to turn to the shadows to keep even with their corporate-owned competition. Still, they didn’t have the capital to pick up and move their operation to the Upper City when Haley’s Comet swung around, so they stayed where they were.

The good news is that left them with less local competition, but unfortunately most of the high-rollers left too.

Now, they are more willing to cater to clients who come by their money in more creative ways, and they won’t ask too many questions if you put up something shiny for collateral. Perhaps because of this, the Five Aces has become a hub for shadow activity in the Lower City, and friendly Mr. Johnson Teddy LeBlanc deals cards and jobs at the gaming tables.

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Five Aces

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