Character Generation

If at all possible, generating characters face-to-face is preferred – even for those only playing online. That way, all questions can be answered on the spot and character back-stories can be discussed to help the GM fit everyone together and get all the characters into the plot.

Character generation should be done by the Point Buy method, with the following guidelines:

  • 120 Points
  • Maximum availability 8 and maximum device rating 6 for starting equipment
  • Standard or Alpha Grade Cyberware only (no used, Beta, or Delta)
  • Standard Bioware only for character generation – no Cultured until in-game
  • Nanotech is open if the Availability is 8 or less
  • Check the Campaign Home Page for current minimum Karma and Earned Nuyen – make sure you consult the GM for how to spend it.

Try to stick with gear/powers/spells/totems/flaws/edges/etc. found in books on the book list.

If you want to play a race that is going to cost you more than 15 points (or a Ghoul), talk to the GM about it first. If you have any other questions, just send the GM a message.

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Character Generation

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