Ant Hole

Until recently, Marcus Durangel ran a soup kitchen in the French Quarter. Aioda SiSyntax discovered it to be a cover for his UB-style Ant Colony, and called Lone Star. Fearing the worst, Lone Star brought overwhelming force to bear. Several barrages of rockets later, the soup kitchen was a smoking hole in the ground and cops in riot gear holding flamethrowers burned out the few remaining tunnels below.

Without much money in the Lower City’s coffer for civic projects, and few interested investors not terrified of the prospect of insect spirits, the hole still remains un-repaired and unfilled.

UPDATE: In their move to blunt the public relations damage from their ghoul-snatching activities and encourage the city council to turn a blind eye, Universal Omnitech has paid to have both Ant Colonies fully excavated and the ground restored to its previous condition.

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Ant Hole

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