9th Ward

The 9th Ward never really recovered from a series of devastating hurricanes in the first few decades of the 21st century. Economically depressed even before the storms, the 9th Ward rapidly turned into the city’s worst slum and stayed that way in spite of hard work from the city council and well-meaning national groups. After the corporations took their money to the Upper City, all attempts to help the residents of the 9th Ward ended, and now even Lone Star will only show up if the violence threatens to spill over into other sectors of the city.

The 9th Ward is full of empty lots from the city’s many previous attempts to destroy rotting structures damaged by storms and decades of neglect. Many of these lots are home to a variety of makeshift structures put up by the city’s homeless population – those who can’t find a proper building (even a condemned one) to squat in.

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9th Ward

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