Jose Padria

The most wretched excuse for metahumanity on the planet - may he burn in Hell.


The signs of this unseen figure have been present for months, yet his motives have remained unclear. Rampaging Robots and intense background counts have hinted at the coming of something sinister, and the recent sighting of a toxic spirit as part of a corporate convoy have brought that something towards the surface. Whatever plan this shaman has, it probably isn’t far off.

Cast out from Aztechnology years ago, Jose Padria has spent his time building power in New Orleans, sowing destruction to create background counts and subsequently feeding off them. After nearly all his plans had been foiled and nearly all his followers killed, the group assaulted his private residence and captured him alive, turning him over to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research and Lone Star.


Jose Padria

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