Rev. Jebediah Backwaters

A Street Preacher with a Heart of Fire


The players don’t know too much about Rev. Jeb, except that he is trying to repair the old Laramie Avenue Baptist Church, and he ministers to the local ghoul population. He’d rather trade his information for a few hours of the PC’s hard labor than for a few thousand Nuyen.

Reverend Backwaters is a survivor of the Chicago insect disaster, and lived a long, hard life before that. With the insects dead, the quarantine over, and Chicago dangerous to the magically active, Jeb decided to make his way South to a city that still needed and could use him – New Orleans, or the Lower City‘s 9th Ward to be precise. He took the discovery and destruction of an Ant Colony in the French Quarter days after his arrival as a sign that he’d picked the right destination.

Rev. Jebediah Backwaters

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