Mr. (Paul) Savannah

A leopard shapeshifter, once hired to find and kill Jason, Aioda and Arthur


High profile assassinations on high profile corporate executives draw the attention of highly skilled assassins. Mr. Savannah tailed Sable and Aioda back to the Lexington Arms as they attempted to ambush him with Jason‘s help. After a brief skirmish revealing Mr. Savannah’s true nature, the team learned he has a suite at the Bayou Palace.

Sable confronted Mr. Savannah at the Bayou Palace about his employer’s connections to a toxic shaman in the city. After providing some damning evidence, Sable convinced him to make money elsewhere. Unfortunately, after returning to his room to gather his belongings, an enormous explosion took out a large portion of the floor he was on. Though capable of extensive regeneration, he is presumed dead.


Mr. (Paul) Savannah

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