Jason West

An impulsive, flamboyant sorcerer following the shamanic traditions of the Gecko totem and specializing in telekinetic manipulations.


Jason West, Gecko Sorceror
Focused Concentration
Distinctive Style
Astral Impressions
Essence 6
Magic 8(11)
Gesture Geas
R2 Power Focus
Initiate Grade 4
Good Karma 0/115
Body 3
Quickness 4
Strength 2
Charisma 3
Intelligence 6
Willpower 6(10)
Reaction 5(4D6)
Combat Pool 10(13)
Spell Pool 8
Karma Pool 12
Armor 6/5
Athletics 3
Pistols 4
Unarmed 3
Etiquette 3
Negotiation 3
Computers 6
Electronics 6
Enchanting(Alchemy) 1(3)
Sorcery(Manipulation) 6(8)
Bike(Harley) 1(2)
Aura Reading 6
Magic Theory 4
Current Events 3
History 3
Politics 3
Corporate 3
Streetwise 3
Computer Background 3
Electronics Background 3
Tattooing(Tribal) 1(3)
English 4/3
Japanese 2/1
French 2/1
F4 Clairvoyance (Exclusive)
F1 Increase Reflexes +3
F4 Increase Willpower (Fetish)
F6 Physical Mask (Fetish)
F6 Stealth (Fetish)
F6 Control Action
F8 Mob Mind
F6 Influence
F10 Blizzard (Fetish)
F6 Flamethrower
F6 Bind
F6 Clout
F6 Deflect
F6 Levitate
F6 Use Skill: Unarmed
F6 Armor (Fetish)
F4 Astral Barrier (Fetish)
Tattoo Magic
Johnson Buddy (Travis)
Talismonger Buddy (Patrick)
Lone Star Contact (Frankie)
Gunsmith Contact (Tony)
Decker Contact (Dymond)
Preacher Contact (Rev. Jeb)
Diviner Buddy (Bill Flint)
Johnson Contact (Teddy)
Ghoul Contact (Henry)
Fixer Buddy (Armand)
Doctor Contact (Doc Fix)
R10 Shamanic Lodge
F2 Flamethrower Focus
F2 Power Focus
F1 Manipulation Focus
F4 Sustaining Focus (Increase Willpower)
F3 Sustaining Focus (Deflect)
F2 Sustaining Focus (Levitate)
F1 Sustaining Focus (Increase Reflexes)
F4 Quickened Detect Enemies
Health Fetish
Illusion Fetish
Manipulation Fetish
Marcus Durangel’s Magical Thesis
“The Tricky Gecko” Heavy Pistol
Normal Ammunition x44
Silver Ammunition x10
Ares Supersoaker II
Contains Industrial-Grade Insecticide
Dart Pistol
Ulysses “Gecko” Coat
R2 Fire Resistance
R2 Insulated Resistance
R4 Chemical Resistance
R2 Electrical Resistance
Concealable Holster
Form-Fitting Full-Body Armor
Forearm Guards
Tres Chic Clothing
Pocket Secretary
Earplug Cellphone
Rapid Transit Helmet w/ Cyberdeck Trodes
Allegiance Sigma Cyberdeck
Gas Mask
Enchanting Kit
Tattooing Kit
R6 Slap Patch
R3 Slap Patch
Radical Iron x2
Radical Copper x2
Custom-19 Lifestyle ($4,200 prepaid)
Partial Enchanting Shop
Harley Davidson Scorpion
Vashon Island “Gecko” Suit
Skull-Studded Secure Long Coat


Deceptively tough, focused and brave, Jason West takes what he’s good at and strives to be great at it. With more than a little guidance from his Gecko totem, Jason aims to be a world class manipulation sorcerer and a technological expert; or, as Jason sees it, a trickster who can get into any place he’s not supposed to go.

Like a Gecko, his “investigations” into forbidden locales tend to get himself and his companions into a spot of trouble. His physical and mental edges, coupled with his chosen specialties, cause some nagging flaws. Flamboyant and impulsive, Jason jumps straight into the heart of any matter and is often easily remembered (for better or for worse) afterwards. Even if his work went unseen, his strong astral impressions make it clear he’s to blame (or thank, though that’s seldom the case).

His style, nature and choice of words often annoy his companions, and he seldom does little to correct his behavior accordingly. Regardless of the bickering or childish abuse of his magic (holding his comrades upside down with a Levitate spell, for example), he does care for the well-being of his comrades and attempts to show it in subtle ways (subtle only because his shows of good faith are typically accompanied with more bickering or abuse of magic).

He co-founded an initiatory magic group with his comrade, Aioda, (and most frequent victim of his childish side) which he refers to as the Shamanic Order of the Burning Gecko. He has yet to ask if Aioda appreciates the name.

After the defeat of Jose Padria in his underground lair, Jason took his share of the group’s sizable reward and left his long-time home and joined Arthur Tonius in his journey to New York City. He still meets with Aioda once a month, even if for no other reason than to maintain their magical link.

Jason West

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