Marcus Durangel

A Survivor of the Universal Brotherhood, defeated once and for all beneath New Orleans


Marcus saw the writing on the wall a few days before the Universal Brotherhood in New Orleans got shut down. Though he still serves Ant, he’s been able to lay low for the last 7 years, biding his time and slowly building his colony – using many of the same techniques he learned in the Brotherhood.

He formed an initiatory group with a few other Talented individuals that he could convert to his cause (or use as a host for a powerful flesh-form spirit if they wouldn’t “See Reason”), and set up a soup kitchen and shelter for the homeless population of the French Quarter. This was, of course, a front for his Ant Colony, and many of the homeless became the host incubators for his new generation of Ant Spirits.

He’d been running this scheme for nearly a year when Aioda SiSyntax brought it all crashing down. She’d been given his name as a potential contact for finding an initiatory group, and over the course of their first meeting she became suspicious. Shortly after, Lone Star got involved – and now his ‘soup kitchen’ is called the Ant Hole.

With the help of Emma Cromwell, Jason West and Sable, Aioda was able to finish Durangel off for good in tunnels beneath the Medical District in the Upper City.

Marcus Durangel

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