Wyatt Fix

A Misophobe with a Bonesaw


Dr. Wyatt Fix joined the medical profession to get rich, but soon discovered that his checkered past would prevent him from getting the kind of high-paying research hospital position he dreamed of. Rather than let that stop him, or live a life of mediocrity paying down his student loans and forking over most of his paycheck to malpractice insurance, Dr. Fix chose to operate under the radar.

His clinic appears on the surface to be a private clinic offering homeopathic treatments to the residents of the Lower City. This is, of course, true, but where he really makes the money he always wanted is by performing illegal implantation services and operating a secret emergency-room-style trauma clinic for select clientele that can pay in untraceable cash. His modest two-story structure on the edge of the French Quarter contains his residence upstairs, the public clinic on the ground floor, and the secret clinic in a pair of secret rooms in the recently-renovated basement.

Wyatt Fix

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