Arthur Tonius

A Minotaur Street Fighter.



Essence: 0.4
Good Karma: 8/43


Body: 13
Quickness: 8
Strength: 11
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 3
Reaction: 11(3D6)

Dice Pools

Combat Pool: 8
Karma Pool: 5


Bone Lacing: 0/2
Armored Jacket: 5/3
Rapid Transit Line Helmet: 0/2
Forearm Guards: 0/1
Full Body Suit: 2/0
Total: 7/8


Unarmed Combat: 8
Athletics: 6
Heavy Weapons: 3
Biotech: 4
Cars: 4
Combat Manuevers: Full Offense


English: 3
Italain: 3
Spanish: 1


Cars: 5
Auto Mechanics: 4
- Tractor Trailers: 6
Boxing: 5
MMA: 5
Pornography: 4
- Lesbians: 6


Street Doc Contact: Wyatt Fix
Boxing Trainer Contact: Bryan Monty
Gunsmith Contact: Tony
Decker Contact: Dymond
Preacher Contact: Rev. Jeb
Ghoul Contact: Henry

Character Notes

Thermographic Vision
Reach +1
Dermal Armor


Full Arm (obvious)

Grade: S
Rating: N/A
Essence: 1

Full Arm (obvious)

Grade: S
Rating: N/A
Essence: 1

Strength Enhancement

Grade: S
Rating: 2
Essence: 0

Strength Enhancement

Grade: S
Rating: 2
Essence: 0

Bone Lacing (Ceramic)

Grade: A
Rating: N/A
Essence: 1.2

Wired Reflexes

Grade: A
Rating: 2
Essence: 2.4


Super Thyroid Gland

Grade: B
Rating: N/A
Body Index: 1.4

Muscle Augmentation

Grade: B
Rating: 3
Body Index: 1.2

Muscle Toner

Grade: B
Rating: 2
Body Index: 0.8



Reach: +1
Damage: 12 Moderate


GMC 4201

Handling: 3/7
Speed: 85
Body: 6
Armor: 0
Signature: 2
Acceleration: 3


$157,550 ($65,000 credit with Armond)


Arthur was once a prize boxer. His career came to an end whenever he broke his arm beyond repair. He was then given cybernetic arms made of titanium. He was unable to return to the ring, but he was at least able to live his life. After spending nearly 1,000,000 nuyen to enhance his body, he had none left to acquire his own place. He now lives outside of the Lexington Arms Apartment complex inside of his tractor trailer.

He’s what one would typically expect from a minotaur in that he is rude and filthy. He may have nothing but a tractor trailer to his name but even it is very unkept when it comes to cleanliness. He always considered himself to be a loner but now that he is out of the lime-light of boxing he has found himself becoming more and more depressed.

Being a man in the stubborn sense, he is unwilling to let other’s into these deep emotions and usually plays it off that he is uncaring and doesn’t wish to hang out with most, but deep down he would not know what to do if the few people who did talk to him, suddenly decided not to. He needs them, even if he would never admit it.

Arthur Tonius

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