Aioda SiSyntax

Aioda is a traumatised, ex-Lone Star, Phoenix Shamanic adept - with a Ph. D. in Dance.


Aioda spent eight years as an enforcer for Lone Star Security, using the benefits to pay for a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Dance. She has incredible talent for ballet and contemporary dance. Six years ago, when Aztlan again attacked the Lone Star Republic, she was on the forefront of a bloody battle where most of her unit was killed. She went through the counseling recommended and seemed to be doing okay, but two years later she had a run-in with Aztlan guerrillas.

The aftermath was brutal – she killed two in self-defense before a severe beating that resulted in the loss of one horn, plenty of nasty scars, and a temporary coma. After that, the flashbacks started. She “retired” from Lone Star with a nice severance package that she used to pay for her Ph. D., and a lot of therapy. She now has more functionality; only exposure to Aztec artifacts and cultural symbols will cause the horrific flashbacks.
She now works at the University of New Orleans as a dance professor, but no stage dancing can express the pent up energy she has inside. She has turned to more lucrative activities to release her deep distress…

Aioda SiSyntax

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