Black Magic Nights

Underground Fight

and Suspicious Doings

While cooling their collective heels after smashing up Universal Omnitech’s ghoul-snatchers, the runners each pass the time in their own way: Sable chases the roaches and mice that infest the second floor of their home, Aioda takes her dance students to a competition in Dallas (where they take 1st prize), Jason meditates to find a deeper understanding of his magic (and learn a new technique), and Arthur wishes he were punching someone.

Luckily, Arthur doesn’t have to wait long.

Arthur’s old fight trainer rings him on his new phone. Turns out one of his other fighters bailed on an underground match – super-heavyweight – and he needs Arthur to fill in. Never one to turn down an honest bare-knuckles match, he quickly agrees, and takes down the details.

For want of something better to do, everybody (Aioda’s back from her trip) but Jason tags along (he’s still locked in his room, meditating). To the group’s collective surprise, Adelaide is the ring sign girl. They place some bets after Sable checks the the bookies’ auras to see who’s most honest.

In a few short minutes, Arthur is back in the ring where he belongs, slugging it out with another cybered-up minotaur in a fight that runs three whole rounds before Arthur takes the 20 grand in the fight purse. While he’s in the ring, though, Sable spots something suspicious: a vampire waiting in the crowd. With no essence to speak of, the fighters aren’t likely meals, and this place is crowded with well-armed people ready for a fight, so they are pretty sure he’s not looking to feed. Aioda sidles up to him and tries to chat him up, without much success. He’s not there to talk, but they can be pretty sure he’s not there for the fight either. They keep an eye on him when they go to collect their winnings (they bet on Arthur winning, of course), and notice someone passing something small to him as the crowd begins to break up.

Sable tries to follow him, but he spots her, then gives her the slip. Luckily, Aioda’s not a bad sketch artist, and they give the likenesses of the vampire and the courier to Dymond (along with a healthy nuyen “thank you”). With a quick facial recognition search, she’s able to peg the courier as one of the doormen at the Bayou Palace. No dice yet on the vampire, though.



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