Black Magic Nights

Smooth Like Boobs, Part 1

Payback's a bitch

(Audio Log Begin)

So, while I was off entertaining myself looking for things to chase and vermin to terrify, there was yet another attack on the ghouls. This time, however, they almost took out our most favorite Reverend Jeb in the process. Aioda and Jason happily footed the bill to keep Jeb alive. Apparently, not everyone heals as well as I do. He is now stable and conscious, but it was pretty evident the next attack was going to be at our place since that was where Henry had been hiding.

Henry volunteers to be taken captive on purpose so we can track where the ghouls are being taken. Armand is good enough to have a tracking device available (for a reasonable cost, of course), which Henry swallows.

Patrick sets Jason up with some spell that lets us know when the bad guys are arrive. I can see the first van pull up across the street. A really freakin’ huge troll with a heavy machine gun gets out of the back of it and starts heading towards our door. That guy is bigger than Arthur!! A tactical truck pulls up on the other side of our building (or so Jason tells us—I’m sure Aioda would make some comment about it being the voices in his head at this point). An elf with a PDA and a human with wired reflexes get out of it. They all meet at our door and knock.

Knock Knock

I look over towards my family group and no one seems to react. So, I opened the door. They wanted to come in and take Henry and the other ghoul. Since that’s what we were aiming for, I let them in. I briefly construe the idea of attacking Mr. Wired Reflexes while his back is turned. But, since everyone wants to play tracker, I decide against it. The huge troll goes into the garage and there are some unneeded loud noises. He comes out carrying the ghouls. I’m not entirely certain why he needed to knock them out. We did say we were just handing them over, right? The elf decides to take a look on the astral plane before he leaves and sees me. He seems surprised so I wave at him.

As the van leaves, Aioda pulls up from work and Emma pulls up from… wherever Emma was. She brought more Cheetos. (Smile) Arthur eats the first two bags without sharing, but I get the other bag from Emma before he can and hide them. These ones are mine. :)

Adelaide takes off on her motorcycle in pursuit of the van followed more slowly by Jason and Arthur in his truck with its newly added borrowed trailer (Armand came through for us again) and Emma, Aioda and I with the tracking device button in Emma’s van. (I don’t think we’re getting that back, by the way, Emma was very taken with the button). We all arrive at a Univeral Omnitech building. Dymond gives us the specs for the place, free of charge.

Enter: Adelaide.

Adelaide manages to not only seduce the guards into letting her in the fenced in, guarded complex, but also into the security room. She takes care of the guard and the rigger hooked into the system. She pulled her shirt down to more properly showcase her boobs and seduced a second guard. She brings him back to the security room and kills him, too. Now she is fully in charge of the security room.

With Adelaide in control of the cameras, she is able to direct Aioda and I, who got into the basement level of the complex through an unused entrance in the water, to the Omnitech server farm without running into any unwanted attention.

Getting into that entrance was pretty easy. Especially, since I’m pretty sure Aioda can fly. Does dancing count as flying? The flight of a Satyr? Sounds like a dance if you ask me. Well… whatever. With some help from Emma, I was able to get the lock undone and Aioda was able to pull it open.

Adelaide gave Emma a cover story (more boobs for guards) so she could come in without trouble. She goes to the security center to pick up keycards to get us into the server farm without trouble. She makes her way to us, successfully again, with Adelaide coaching her away from the guards. She opens the door for us and we meet more problems. The server is off the grid. How do we stream the data? And without the four deckers in there being the wiser?

Emma sees some headgear that lets you hook into the system. It looks like a giant, metal, helmet-shaped web. Adelaide finds some user information that Emma can use and she hooks in. I don’t think she was able to get in unnoticed, though, because as soon as she was hooked in, she motioned for us to kill the deckers. Aioda started on one end and I started on the other. Emma opened up the system for us, and Aioda hooks up her pocket secretary and starts streaming the data to Dymond. She also hooks up Jason’s pocket computer to download the files we need to get paid. Emma unhooks, but not before telling the system to ignore the “absent” deckers. Sweet.

Unfortunately, a guard sees the mess we made of the server farm and calls for back up (Adelaide made sure it didn’t go through). He comes in and is sliced neatly into pieces by Aioda’s vibroswords. We head up to the 16th floor where they are keeping Henry, or so says Emma’s button. On the fifteenth floor, we run into some trouble. A guard noticed water Aioda left and comes after us. We are able to kill him and stuff him in a closet. We sneak up to the 16th floor and peek in to the lobby from the stairs.

We don’t like what we see. The room is full of really big guards with really big guns. Thankfully, Aioda has a smoke-grenade.

Beeeeeeeeeeep Oh, drek, I’m running out of space. To be continued… after I make Emma fix it.

Aioda (an excerpt from her journal, written after the sewer escape)

There are some causes in this world I would give anything for. There are some people in this world that I would do anything to save. There are some people in the world I’d give anything to destroy. This, I think, is why I originally started working in law enforcement. It is also why I stepped away. Beauty is something I haven’t seen much of, but my magic and dancing are enough to keep me going, even when the world is beginning to fog with darkness.

The chance to take a shot against Omnitech was something I couldn’t pass up. They are part of the reason I’m so scarred, and they went over the line when they started stealing people I had decided to protect, and they erased the line when they hurt Jeb. At this point, all I want is to cause them as much harm as I can.

What they were doing to the ghouls was wrong. I admit, I used to think bad things about the ghouls, but they’re more human than I am, and even critters don’t deserve what they were going through. Omnitech wanted to use their suffering to hurt even more people. Who the hell does that? Only evil people.

The battle… was glorious. I feel a little like I didn’t get to do as much damage, personally, as I wanted, but the rest of the crew got plenty of good shots in, and we got enough info to jack Omnitech hard. I am so happy to cause them pain. I know they’re coming for me now, but it is worth it. We got the information out. We hit them in the moneybags and it’s going to burn them hard. This battle was ours. We won. That is sweeter than any chocolate-flavored protein pod.

When they come for us, it’s going to come down on us hard, and I don’t think we’ll go down without a fight, but I won’t let them take everyone else down. I don’t want to be a martyr, but this is my cause more than anyone else, and if it takes me burning down the house I’ll keep at least some of them alive. I’m not going to let Omnitech and Aztechnology take anything else from me. I’ll miss these guys, but even if it kills me, I’m going to win my war.


Boobs were certainly utilized for this run, that’s for sure.

Smooth Like Boobs, Part 1

Let us not forget the Panther Cannon.

Smooth Like Boobs, Part 1

Nicely written, but I agree with John. PANTHER CANNON!!!!!!!!!

Smooth Like Boobs, Part 1

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