Black Magic Nights

Return to Glory (Part 2)

It's about to get heavy

I should have seen this coming. The one job I’m perfect for and the bunch of asses decide it’s not safe for them. “I’ve got a job” she says. “I’m a recognizable face.” He says. Pardon my attitude. I get pissy when I haven’t kicked anyone’s ass in a while.

The only thing that manages to calm me down is the promise of more pain to come. Jason’s man has another job for us, and this one is an extermination mission. We are the only ones allowed to leave alive, and I like the sound of that.

It’s some group of smugglers who’ve been robbing all kinds of companies. Jacking shipments and the like. Truthfully, I don’t care who they are, what they do, or why someone is willing to pay to see them killed. All I care about is that I’m gonna get paid to release some stress in the form of good old-fashioned gratuitous violence.

Before we take the mission the satyr and the fox insist on checking out the area first. I guess they have relevance, but let’s not expect courtesy and understanding from a minotaur. They find the place all right. Three old, abandoned warehouse buildings. One’s in shambles and as it checks out, there was a large fire there that killed a lot of people. In the end, all things check out. We tell the guy to give us a couple of days and we’ll get the job done. I’m chomping at the bit for the next few hours, wanting to just charge down there myself and go crazy.

We head back to some church run by this priest that the satyr seems to have a thing for. I don’t see it, but then again, I don’t care. Jason flaps his gums with the guy for what feels like hours. Something about ghouls around the city being snatched up and taken by this corporation; I don’t know. It’s a bunch of ghouls and, you guessed it, I don’t care; nevertheless, he makes plans for us to watch over the ghouls and catch this corporation in the act. I guess it’s more people to take out my frustrations.

The next morning we set out and take another look over the area. The fox is able to get us a pretty good rundown of what’s in all the buildings, and we plan accordingly. I see no harm in just charging in headstrong, but for the sake of the softies, we’ll play it their way.

Me and Jason take the building on the right. Fox says there’s some kind of Troll Bear shapeshifter in there. It puts a smile on my face ‘cause it means there might be something that will stay up for more than one punch. Set up the bell, and I’ll have a smile on my face while me and the troll bear go ten rounds. I had high hopes, and sadly he wasn’t about to live up to them.

Jason throws open the door and lights up the generator. It looks ready to blow and the lights go out, but that doesn’t concern me none. I rush in anyways, blind-siding some guy with a welding tool in his hand. He does backflips through the air before landing against the back wall unconcious. Like I said, most only take one punch.

His friend tucks tail and moves to start the truck, but I’m quick to squash that. I pull the bastard right out and bash his head into the ground: one punch. Jason has his hands full as that troll bear comes leaping out of his room on the second floor. He holds him back with his black magic and moves him over to the generator. Without contemplation I rush over and lay one into the back of the troll bear’s head.

He falls to the floor unconcious. Like I said, he dissapoints me. Sure the generator exploded on both of us before his ultimate demise, but I feel that only takes away from my over-all victory. I snap the poor bastard’s neck, and we meet back up with the other two.

They had their hands full in the left building, but from what they say the satyr made some quick work of them. Landed down in the center of the table where four of them were eating and she swungs her sword 360 degrees, killing one of them and leaving the rest barely breathing. I know the source of the action, but damn it I can’t help but laugh and give the girl credit. Wish I could have seen it myself.

The fox managed to take out the machinegunner on the top of the rv and all things work out. The place is a treasure cove of stolen goods. There’s so much junk it takes two trailers just to stash it all. I bring in my tractor trailer and as I’m hooking it up they hear something coming in from the outside: choppers. And they’re coming right for us.

Me and West hop into the truck and the satyr uses a incendiary gernade on one of the other trucks. The heat throws off their sensors and the smoke is enough to conceal our getaway. The satyr and fox rush off into the woods as they see men repelling down. It’s the same corporation coming in for their stolen goods, only they’re soon gonna find out their stolen goods have been stolen once again.

We pawn the stuff off quick, but we still make a good 650,000 nuyen for it. A bunch of worthwhile stuff that I don’t know nothing about in there. I just want to keep the trailer for myself, but the damn corperate punks will be looking for it and that’s just drama no one needs. The gang leads me to their new home and I park myself out front. I prefer reflecting on my own.

It felt good to be back in the ring again. It had been so long since I had the feeling of bones crushing underneath my fist. I take a sick enjoyment in it, but we all have our vices. Tonight I’ll rest easy, but I’m still far from satisfied. That was just the appetizer. I’m having some corporate abductors for the main course.



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