Black Magic Nights

Return to Glory (Part 1)

(As told by Arthur Tonius)

I was wandering for what seemed like weeks. You would think a fox, a satyr, and gecko would be pretty easy to find, but when you’ve lived as a loner for so many years all the faces just sort of blend together.

I stayed at the apartment complex for days, but they never came back and that’s when I started driving around. Saw plenty of strange things, but nothing of particular interest. It gave me alot of time to think about my life and where I’ve been, and all that did was sink me into a depression. Christ, I’m living out of a fucking tracktor trailer and besides that trailer, a stash of porn is all I have to my name. If only I’d have bought a God damn phone I’d be able to call Jason right now and find them all, but no. I didn’t. And here I sit.

I couldn’t help but long for the good old days. Back when I was a boxer and everyone wished they could be like me, instead of just turning their faces as they walk by. Back when I didn’t even know what the inside of a tractor trailer looked like, much less how to drive one, and I moved from penthouse to penthouse on a daily routine. Those were the days.

I had finally begun to drift off and forget about this hell that I call home. I could nearly smell the porterhouse steak sitting in front of me, when a loud pounding on my door drug me back in. It was Jason. The son of a bitch had managed to find me afterall. Go figure. You finally give up and what you were looking for the whole time just happens to find you.

He looks at me with a smile, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you buddy. We got a job that looks to be right up your alley.” Great, I thought to myself, another pointless mission of sitting on my hands, wishing I could just punch someone, but being told that that’s just not what’s best. I sigh as I say I’ll do it. Afterall, I could use the money. I haven’t eaten in days and this Thyroid implant is not meant for the starving poor. I’ll suck it up and deal with the animals that he calls friends.

“What’s the mission?”, I ask. He babbles on with the details, but all I need to hear is that it’s a public kidnapping. No need for subtlity. No need for all the in depth planning. This one is going to be done, just the way I like it: with only one main ingredient, raw power.



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