Black Magic Nights

Problems Down Home (pt. 1)

Omnitech's Rampage Continues

After dropping their grateful human cargo off with a very pleased Armand, the group got back to their normal lives – as much as they have them. Adelaide went under the knife to have some enhanced pheromone glands implanted, and Arthur tracked down some underground boxing matches – nothing serious this time, just for drinking money. Meanwhile, the group’s awakened members pursued their powers further, with Aioda starting work on a masterpiece of dance for her thesis and Jason started his first alchemical circulation. Two weeks passed without incident, and Adelaide recovered from the implant surgery and started helping Armand with some delicate negotiations (partly to check out her new persuasive powers).

Then, just when he couldn’t possibly be interrupted, Jason’s phone rang. It was Rev. Jebediah Backwaters’ number, and nothing but static on the other end.

For further reference, Universal Omnitech and Aztechnology can go blow themselves.

As soon as Jason said Jeb called, I dropped everything – thank goodness my thesis is something I can step away from – and headed over there. Adelaide beat me to it with her motorcycle – my bubble doesn’t go too fast – and said she saw some sort of apparition. A soldier of some sort, standing in the middle of the church – the middle of a blown out hole in the church.

Jeb was there, but he was hurt so bad, he’s still hurt bad, and we got him to the doc as fast as we could. Since I knew I’d just hold them up and I wanted to make sure he lived, I stayed back and checked the place out.

It was a wreck – that burning hole in the side wasn’t even the start of the damage. There were bits and pieces of SMGs and rifles, just cut into parts, and the wrecks of helmets and armor, too. Jeb had set up his camera on his phone to record at the pulpit – brilliant. I watched it, and it was a little hard to watch – he’s got some mad magic, but there’s only so much can be done by one man with magic against that many guns. The camera got knocked over at some point, but you can hear the bastards shackling the ghouls that had been hiding out, and then they left.

These people – they have less of a right to be called human than any ghoul or meta out there – they do these things, these cruel and evil things. I don’t trust them taking the ghouls, and Henry and Warren… they’re good guys. They’re more good than too many of the people in the world.

After I watched it, I sent it to me, to Jason, and to Dymond, and we got it put out for public consumption. A bitter bite that is.

Jeb’s alright, though, healing slow, but healing. And we spoke to Bill – we’re pretty sure that they’re going to hit us next. We got the gear in case it’s an invasion, but Henry seems to think that maybe we can turn the tables and bring them to us. He’s using himself as bait, though, and I got a real problem with it, but what can a girl do? It’s him that makes that choice, not me, I just want to do my damn best to make sure he stays alive.

Now comes the battle. They’re not getting away with it this time.



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