Black Magic Nights

Cost of Doing Business (Part 2)

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

Wouldn’t you know the moment stealth is of the essence, we forgot to bring the fox. Granted, stealth was going to be tricky anyway, but it still would’ve been nice to have our stealth specialist along for the ride. I had Adelaide with on the back of my Harley, so I assumed she was in the truck with Arthur and Aioda, but lesson learned. Maybe she’s fixing our cockroach problem in the meantime.

We adjust the plan a little. Instead of all of us flying up to the main tower and letting Aioda do her fancy-prancey-dancey-glidey-thingy across barbed wire, Aioda, Adelaide and I split ourselves up amongst the three towers and take out the guards all at once while Arthur keeps the truck running for a clean get away. The former part went great, really. All three guards are out cold in about three seconds. The latter part didn’t come so easily.

Either someone spotted us flying through the air or the gunshots tipped them off, but the place went on high alert right quick. At least this would be exciting. Adelaide jumps off her tower and starts sprinting along the building tops (with a little magical assistance from me) towards Aioda, and I fly on over as well (after torching my tower). Fully-armed guards have already popped out of nowhere and starting taking shots at Aioda, who is busily sawing open our man’s cell window.

Wouldn’t you know it, that’s not all that popped up out of nowhere. To make matters worse, they’ve got a security mage, and the bugger launches a giant water ball at us. Doesn’t really do much more than knock me slightly off my flight path, but Aioda gets a little rattled and soaking wet. Not too big a deal on it’s own, but the subsequent lightning bolt to Aioda’s back had no problem singing her drenched fur. That’s about when I noticed Aioda wasn’t paying too much attention to the bars anymore. Along with the guards shooting at her, there was some funny looking dog that had a keen eye on dear Aioda.

My train of thought didn’t make it too far past that, after a bullet ripped through ol’ yeller’s chest. Good shot, Adelaide. Figuring Aioda didn’t need extra weight while she was getting shot at, I resist the urge to burn the mage alive and levitate our man out of his cell and do the same for Aioda as she climbs back on to the roof. Arthur’s already waiting on the side of the jail and we pile into the truck. That mage makes one last parting shot at us, but it doesn’t do anything more than put a tiny hole in the roof and piss Arthur the hell off. Turned out it was a tracking beacon, but Aioda figured that one out quick and tossed it into someone else’s sun roof.

To compensate for all the spells I was slinging and sustaining, I was doping up on some slap patches, so I passed out cold an hour into the trip, but I woke up just in time to see Armand happy as hell to have his business partner out of jail. And I knew he was pleased, because he didn’t make a single snide remark to any of us while we were there. Even hooked us up with some sweet gear at discounted rates. So, yeah, there wasn’t a real paycheck waiting at the end of this job, but it beats having our heads sawed open and a happy fixer can pretty much pays for itself.




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