Black Magic Nights

Cost of Doing Business (Part 1)

Tonight there's gonna be trouble

We’ve made out good on runs before. Magic trinkets, fancy tech and respectable sums of cash have come our way since we starting working together, but recently we hit the jackpot. I’m talking top-of-the-line cyberware, industrial equipment, weapons and that was just one trailer. I’ll never know what was in that other one, but who cares? It netted us over 600,000 nuyen in cash and credit split between four people. Sable even got herself a monowhip. So we might have pissed off Renraku, but that’s just what we do – we piss people off. Cost of doing business. End of story.

Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

Aioda, Arthur and I all get a conference call from Armand about all the merchandise we pawned off to him. I knew it wasn’t good news from the moment I saw his name on my phone – he and I acquaintances at best – but when I realized Aioda and Arthur were on the line too, I knew this meant that 600,000 nuyen had a string attached to it.

Turns out Armand had no problem moving the goods, but the problem was that one of his “business partners” who had bought the heavy duty stuff got nabbed by the feds. Guess Renraku was a little more upset about their stolen goods than we had expected. While Armand trusts this guy enough to do business, he doesn’t trust him not to talk, and Armand, like the rest of us, is SINless. He’s scared the feds will come after him next and just pick apart his brain until they find what they need. For those of you not paying attention, that’d be us.

Armand tells us his guy got picked up in Savannah, Georgia, and is being held in a county jail in the middle of nowhere. With no idea how much time we’ll have until he spills the beans, we load up our vehicles and head to Savannah. We get a hold of Dymond on the way their to look into some of the specifications of the place so we can plan as we move.

Three guards towers look down on a courtyard between two cell blocks and an administrative building. According the Dymond, the cell blocks are built out of dual-natured material and covered by alarm wards, so the Awakened among us will have a tricky time being stealthy. Looks like we’re hitting this one hard and fast. Fortunately, there’s some crap diner across the way, so we won’t look too suspicious while we wait for nightfall.

This guy had better be worth it.




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