Black Magic Nights

Isn't It Ironic. Don't You Think

(From the mind of Arthur Tonius)

No sooner do I get myself feeling alive again then I get a call from Bryan Monty, my old trainer. Seems he’s got himself into a bind. One of his fighters had a bit of an accident and won’t be showing up for a fight. He needs a replacement or he’s looking at a hole in his pocket at the least.

I’m confused as to why he would contact me, considering the current rulebook on boxing is not lenient on physical enhancements, let alone cyberware and bioware. Then he says it’s an underground circuit and it all becomes clear. These guys don’t care what you have on you or in you as long as you have a heartbeat, and that’s only important at the start of the fight, if you get my drift.

I tell him I’m all in. He says he can’t wait, but his anticipation is like a mole hill compared to my mountain. I hang up the phone and something happens that I don’t expect. The fox, she actually starts talking to me. Ask me who was on the phone and when I tell her she actually asks to come and see the fight.

Looks like this is it for you buddy. Back in the big times. The fights, the fames, the dames. I’m ready for one of those three, but as for the others, well, my years of living by myself in a truck have robbed me of my social abilities. I rest up for the next couple of nights trying to prepare myself mentally, not for the fight, but for the afterwards when everyone wants to get a picture with the champ. Sorry, the winner. Don’t get ahead of yourself Arthur. You’ll be back there soon enough.

I wake up the next day and to my surprise the rest of the crew is coming along too and now the hot elf is even showing interest in me. I try to talk to her, but to my best knowledge all that comes out is a series of stammers and grunts.

We get to the venue and there’s a large troll standing in one corner of the ring. The fox says that she can sense alot of bioware and cyberware has been implanted in his body. Some would be intimidated by the thought of such a large combatant with such intense implants, but seeing as I would be grouped in that same category I’m not sure there is much to worry about.

I get preped and ready for the fight and the elf gets herself a job as the bikini girl flashing the fight signs before each round. It’s the first time I’m honestly not distracted by her body. The thrill of a fight is the only thing that can distract me from the thought of sex.

The bell rings and we exchange some huge blows that don’t seem to stagger either one of us. I lay in a hard shot to his ribs and I get that tingle in my heart that tells me he can’t take another shot like that. I’m ready to blast him hard, but he’s saved by the bell as round one ends.

A quick one-minute break and we’re back at it. He charges across the ring swinging for my head with all he’s got, but he’s still winded from the first round and his shot flies to my right. I plant my feet as I dodge his fist, and send a hard uppercut into his jaw. It feels like I lifted him off the ground, but I’m not sure if there is truth to that. He falls to the mat and doesn’t move a muscle as the ref counts to ten.

He raises my hand in victory and as the cameras flash it’s easy to tell that I’m finally home again. I look around for my new friends, but it seems that they’ve been distracted by someone in the audience. Jason and the fox congratulate me and wander off towards the satyr who’s been talking to some guy the whole fight. Figures that she wouldn’t be paying attention. She doesn’t care much for me, and I can easily say the feeling is mutual.

The elf, Adelaide, actually starts talking in depth with me about the fight. For the first time I feel an actual interest in her and not just because of her tits. Maybe I can have friends again. This social awkwardness can be defeated, one conversation at a time. We talk about the fight and possibly more fights to come for several minutes when it suddenly becomes apparent by her face that I’m stammering and grunting again. One victory at a time Arthur. One victory at a time.



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