Black Magic Nights

The Story So Far

Highlights From the First Few Runs

First Run

The runners realized all the others worked in the shadow business when they all found themselves together at the Five Aces to get work from Theodore LeBlanc. Some eco-nuts from Terra First! were occupying a local corporate executive’s hunting lodge out in the bayou, and he wanted them gone ASAP.

After a catastrophic first attempt that left Jason West with a few structurally superfluous ventilation holes, the group returned to finally root out the terrorists by turning their own booby traps and their ‘pet’ behemoth against them. The runners managed to make some extra cash on the guns the activists were smuggling to fund their operations, and on some paydata they swiped from the executive’s safe.

Escape from New Orleans

A big-time local decker got herself in a fair bit of trouble with Aztechnology. They managed to track down her street doc, and when she went under for some upgrades, she came up with a cranial bomb and an ultimatum – work for Aztechnology exclusively or get your head turned into salsa. Not being the type to take that sort of thing lying down, she formulated an escape plan – but needed outside help from outside her normal circle of contacts. After all, she couldn’t be sure who had given her away to the Azzies.

That’s where the PC’s came in. She managed to build a powerful jamming device – powerful enough to be sure no detonation signal would reach her bomb, but also powerful enough to alert anyone with a radio within a half mile. The characters had to pick up a few of her belongings from a zombie-guarded safehouse in the French Quarter, make a call for pickup from her penthouse in the Upper City, and snatch her from the warehouse where she was being held. After that, they drove her across the city (through a police barricade and an Aztech hitman)to the Port for her pickup by some Caribbean smuggler friends. Highlights include Arthur Tonius laughing at a man who stabbed him in the chest with a sword, then punching him off the hood of his truck and running him over.



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