Black Magic Nights

A Cleansing Fire

Putting the lid on Toxic Plans

Massive, public murder means one thing to most Shadowrunners: gotta lay low for a while. So Aioda heads to her shack in the swamp, Jason goes out to the swamp to gather herbs, and still noone knows about Sable. Theodore LeBlanc lets the runners know that someone’s been snooping around the casino looking for Jason, Aioda, and Arthur. He doesn’t know anything about him, but he’s got some leopard spot tattoos and he goes by “Mr. Savannah”.

Laying low doesn’t last too long, though. Bill Flint calls up the crew to tell them he has an important message for them, but he can’t say until they promise to do him a favor – and give him a ritual link as a guarantee. Sable (the only one who can safely go out in public) goes to the Five Aces Casino to meet him. She hands him a lock of Aioda’s hair (with her permission), and Bill tells her that her “Cannibal friend must come home.” Figuring that means Henry, the crew gives him a call and tells him to get his friends and get on back to the Church.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, Jason is watching the news while taking a break from hunting the swamps for interesting plants and rocks. Breaking story is that the ultra-luxury Upper City mansion neighborhood of Ivy Shores is being quarantined by a special Lone Star / CDC task force. Luckily for the PC’s, the task force is being headed by Duke Wayne.

Henry calls back to say he’s trapped in the tunnels under – you guessed it – Ivy Shores. Seems he tracked the ghoul carrying the enhanced Krieger virus there, but just a little too late. The news is keeping it hush-hush, but most of the populace of the neighborhood has been infected by the airborne virus. It acts fast, and kills about half of those it infects. The rest turn feral from the extreme trauma. The violence and death attract Shedim, too, and they take up in the corpses of the dead.

With some help from Duke, they manage to get Henry and his surviving friends out and back to the Church. They make short, terrible, and dirty work of a few Shedim. With the crew’s information on Universal Omnitech’s virus, the CDC can protect the few survivors from the neighborhood before burning the whole place to the ground to prevent the spread of the disease.

Aioda gets Jason a deal to cleanse the area, preventing it from turning into a horrible toxic site. Some permanent background count remains on the ruins of a few of the houses, but most of the site is astrally clean, plus Jason mostly clears his name with Lone Star (especially because he’s switched up his Astral Signature since the last crimes he did).

After dropping off the ghouls and visiting with Rev. Jebediah Backwaters for a little while, Sable starts to give Aioda a ride to the outskirts of the city so she can head back to her shack in the swamp. On the way, they notice that they’re being tailed by Mr. (Paul) Savannah on a Ducati. They phone Jason to meet them, and head for their old apartments at the Lexington Arms to set up an ambush.

The fight is a little harder than they anticipated, since he turns out to be extraordinarily resistant to Jason’s spells. Halfway through the fight he reveals his true nature and turns into a large leopard. When the fight doesn’t go his way, he bolts – leaving behind his belongings, since they didn’t transform with him. The crew gets Dymond to crack his credstick, revealing that he’s got a suite at the Bayou Palace.



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