Black Magic Nights

A Cleansing Fire
Putting the lid on Toxic Plans

Massive, public murder means one thing to most Shadowrunners: gotta lay low for a while. So Aioda heads to her shack in the swamp, Jason goes out to the swamp to gather herbs, and still noone knows about Sable. Theodore LeBlanc lets the runners know that someone’s been snooping around the casino looking for Jason, Aioda, and Arthur. He doesn’t know anything about him, but he’s got some leopard spot tattoos and he goes by “Mr. Savannah”.

Laying low doesn’t last too long, though. Bill Flint calls up the crew to tell them he has an important message for them, but he can’t say until they promise to do him a favor – and give him a ritual link as a guarantee. Sable (the only one who can safely go out in public) goes to the Five Aces Casino to meet him. She hands him a lock of Aioda’s hair (with her permission), and Bill tells her that her “Cannibal friend must come home.” Figuring that means Henry, the crew gives him a call and tells him to get his friends and get on back to the Church.

Meanwhile, back at the garage, Jason is watching the news while taking a break from hunting the swamps for interesting plants and rocks. Breaking story is that the ultra-luxury Upper City mansion neighborhood of Ivy Shores is being quarantined by a special Lone Star / CDC task force. Luckily for the PC’s, the task force is being headed by Duke Wayne.

Henry calls back to say he’s trapped in the tunnels under – you guessed it – Ivy Shores.

The Night Beckons
Vampire blood is much thicker than water

After blasting the hell out of Omnitech’s research facility, we needed to lay low for a little while. It wasn’t too bad, really. I took some time to write a thesis, expand my lodge, get a new suit, learn some new spells and finally test my hand at tattoo magic, inking Sable with two big ones. Aioda even went on some trippy dream odyssey to her metaplane and came back shooting light out of her hands.

After about two months of hiding out, we had a lot of time to watch the news. And man, did that piss us all off. Apparently Albert Franklin, the VP of Omnitech’s medical division, was there the whole time and survived the blast to the living quarters. After making himself a speedy recovery, he’s been holing up in some penthouse in the Upper City and making oddly consistent visits to the Bayou Palace every Saturday night. Kudos to Adelaide for landing a gig at the penthouse and prying that information out of his personal terminal.

What Adelaide also pried off that terminal gave light to some recent events. Apparently the mage-murdering robot a few months back was part of some inter-corporate scheme, meaning that toxic spirit we crossed paths with connects back to at least one of the local corporations. Furthermore, an executive for one of the local corps got fired and subsequently FIRED for “misappropriation of funds.” A murderous robot sure fits the bill.

It goes further back. That Japanese executive who died way back, the guy who with billions of dollars of medical technology could not be saved, was involved with Franklin and the aforementioned fired man. So what, right? Well, Franklin’s been hitting the Bayou to get his hands on vampire blood. What will kill you no matter what medical technology you’ve got? Not getting your vampire blood fix. Guess starving a man to death isn’t beneath this corporate types.

With the dots connected, we head to the Bayou and wait. We know a vampire meets the door guard there, so we follow the vampire to a warehouse and stake it out. With some levitation and some clairvoyance, I see the vampire and the door guard make some kind of exchange. The vampire hooks the guard up with a vial of blood and the vampire takes some data disks about a storage facility north of the city.

And, holy shit, that’s where Omnitech is keeping the finished, airborne ghoul virus.

Smooth Like Boobs, Part 1
Payback's a bitch

(Audio Log Begin)

So, while I was off entertaining myself looking for things to chase and vermin to terrify, there was yet another attack on the ghouls. This time, however, they almost took out our most favorite Reverend Jeb in the process. Aioda and Jason happily footed the bill to keep Jeb alive. Apparently, not everyone heals as well as I do. He is now stable and conscious, but it was pretty evident the next attack was going to be at our place since that was where Henry had been hiding.

Henry volunteers to be taken captive on purpose so we can track where the ghouls are being taken. Armand is good enough to have a tracking device available (for a reasonable cost, of course), which Henry swallows.

Patrick sets Jason up with some spell that lets us know when the bad guys are arrive. I can see the first van pull up across the street. A really freakin’ huge troll with a heavy machine gun gets out of the back of it and starts heading towards our door. That guy is bigger than Arthur!! A tactical truck pulls up on the other side of our building (or so Jason tells us—I’m sure Aioda would make some comment about it being the voices in his head at this point). An elf with a PDA and a human with wired reflexes get out of it. They all meet at our door and knock.

Knock Knock

Isn't It Ironic. Don't You Think
(From the mind of Arthur Tonius)

No sooner do I get myself feeling alive again then I get a call from Bryan Monty, my old trainer. Seems he’s got himself into a bind. One of his fighters had a bit of an accident and won’t be showing up for a fight. He needs a replacement or he’s looking at a hole in his pocket at the least.

I’m confused as to why he would contact me, considering the current rulebook on boxing is not lenient on physical enhancements, let alone cyberware and bioware. Then he says it’s an underground circuit and it all becomes clear. These guys don’t care what you have on you or in you as long as you have a heartbeat, and that’s only important at the start of the fight, if you get my drift.

Problems Down Home (pt. 1)
Omnitech's Rampage Continues

After dropping their grateful human cargo off with a very pleased Armand, the group got back to their normal lives – as much as they have them. Adelaide went under the knife to have some enhanced pheromone glands implanted, and Arthur tracked down some underground boxing matches – nothing serious this time, just for drinking money. Meanwhile, the group’s awakened members pursued their powers further, with Aioda starting work on a masterpiece of dance for her thesis and Jason started his first alchemical circulation. Two weeks passed without incident, and Adelaide recovered from the implant surgery and started helping Armand with some delicate negotiations (partly to check out her new persuasive powers).

Then, just when he couldn’t possibly be interrupted, Jason’s phone rang. It was Rev. Jebediah Backwaters’ number, and nothing but static on the other end.

Cost of Doing Business (Part 2)
Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak

Wouldn’t you know the moment stealth is of the essence, we forgot to bring the fox. Granted, stealth was going to be tricky anyway, but it still would’ve been nice to have our stealth specialist along for the ride. I had Adelaide with on the back of my Harley, so I assumed she was in the truck with Arthur and Aioda, but lesson learned. Maybe she’s fixing our cockroach problem in the meantime.

We adjust the plan a little. Instead of all of us flying up to the main tower and letting Aioda do her fancy-prancey-dancey-glidey-thingy across barbed wire, Aioda, Adelaide and I split ourselves up amongst the three towers and take out the guards all at once while Arthur keeps the truck running for a clean get away. The former part went great, really. All three guards are out cold in about three seconds. The latter part didn’t come so easily.

Cost of Doing Business (Part 1)
Tonight there's gonna be trouble

We’ve made out good on runs before. Magic trinkets, fancy tech and respectable sums of cash have come our way since we starting working together, but recently we hit the jackpot. I’m talking top-of-the-line cyberware, industrial equipment, weapons and that was just one trailer. I’ll never know what was in that other one, but who cares? It netted us over 600,000 nuyen in cash and credit split between four people. Sable even got herself a monowhip. So we might have pissed off Renraku, but that’s just what we do – we piss people off. Cost of doing business. End of story.

Well, that’s what I thought anyway.

Underground Fight
and Suspicious Doings

While cooling their collective heels after smashing up Universal Omnitech’s ghoul-snatchers, the runners each pass the time in their own way: Sable chases the roaches and mice that infest the second floor of their home, Aioda takes her dance students to a competition in Dallas (where they take 1st prize), Jason meditates to find a deeper understanding of his magic (and learn a new technique), and Arthur wishes he were punching someone.

Luckily, Arthur doesn’t have to wait long.

Return to Glory (Final Chapter)

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I wake up with a smile on my face. Half in joy of the previous day’s exploits and half for the joy of those I know are still to come today. Some corporate punks have been snatching up ghouls, and tonight is the night we put an end to it.

We head over to the head ghoul. I think they say his name is Henry, but I’m not here to protect them, it just so happens that what I want to do will inadvertently do just that. I sit outside waiting for several days. The anticipation is starting to kill me. I’m about ready to give up on this shit. The itch is returning to my fists, and I’m considering just finding some petty thief to do away with when two vans finally come rolling up to the building.

I watch as eight men in full tactical uniforms make their way out of the vans and place themselves into formations at the front door. I’m getting goosebumps as I look on. These are the bastards we’ve been waiting for, and they have no idea what’s coming to them. I slowly get out of the trailer. I’m not to quiet about it, but fortunately they don’t think much of me; that won’t last long.

Burnin' Down the House

Sometimes jobs don’t work out because of personnel conflicts, or because of bad logistics. Sometimes, jobs don’t work out because of other jobs. That’s what happened with the public kidnapping we’d picked up – no matter how hard I tried to figure it, I couldn’t seem to get myself into a mind where I could see us getting in and out without me losing what little tie I have to the real, legitimate world.

So we picked up a nice job cleaning up a nest of bastards who’d been endangering the public while they stole goods from big corps while trailers were en route. They were in these abandoned warehouses in the middle of nowhere, so Sable checked the place out. It felt slimy when we went in – apparently there’d been an awful fire some time back and it left behind some bad mojo.

I had the most glorious entrance – I jumped through the window (I love breaking glass) and landed on the table the marks were at and in one little spin, I took out one and shredded up the other three pretty well. I felt like a machine – a gorgeous, brilliant, pirouetting murdering machine!


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